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Whether you worked out in the past, haven’t worked out at all, or are working out consistently…the question of how often you should workout runs through your head. You may ask that question the older [More]
As a man over 60, you might want to know if you can build muscle…or can you build muscle as fast as when you were younger. It is a simple answer…YES! You can build muscle [More]
Weight Management: Combining regular exercise with a balanced diet helps maintain a healthy weight, reducing the risk of obesity-related conditions like diabetes and hypertension. #FitnessTips #WorkoutIdeas #HealthAndWellness #ExerciseMotivation #FitnessInspiration
This seated, 750 step, walking workout will focus on engaging and toning the muffin top area through a series of gentle chair exercises. It’s perfect for seniors, people in wheelchairs & injuries looking for low-impact [More]
Free Face Yoga WhatsApp: http://i.facetone.in/freefaceyoga Join our WhatsApp Community: https://i.habuild.in/community Check out my last video on 6 Exercises for NECK MOBILITY – https://youtu.be/0P0khjYKNlQ ———————————————————————————————— Power of PRANAYAMA – https://youtu.be/AkOZKsB4y3w 3 MAJOR Breathing Mistakes – https://youtu.be/6VW8Uzjaqqo [More]
FROWN LINES REMOVAL NATURALY All massage technique shown in these videos Is part of our unique anti-aging solution, that fight the signs of skin aging from the inside out, and more than 100 face massage [More]
This 20 minute low impact Chair workout is all about strong leg muscles and healthy joints. We will be using seated leg exercises to work on those hips, glutes (booty), thighs, ankles, and feet. We [More]
Prevent Falls Neuro-Balance Therapy