This warmup is gentle, easy, quick, and very effective! The 10×10 execises can be done anywhere and anytime even in a chair. Your body will feel so much better and you can do it as [More]
Join the 6-week weight loss challenge: If you’re a senior or a beginner this workout will be ideal for you. It will help you burn unwanted fat and tone up your muscles. Results don’t [More]
RADICAL SENIOR SENIOR FITNESS Conditioning I Equipment: Weight Plates or Dumbbells Classes Duration: 15´ Our senior fitness program is designed to help you stay active, mobile, and energized. You can enjoy a healthier and more [More]
Have fun in this short in home, low-impact walking workout. Great for beginners and seniors! Grab a set of light weights (or weighted objects) and get ready to get sweaty in this fast and fun [More]
This Gentle Back Workout will stretch and strengthen muscles in your back, chest, and core, which are important for a strong and pain-free back. We recommend doing two sets of the exercises three times a [More]
Jump with me for 10 minutes and feel rejuvenated from the inside out! This efficient, low impact cardio workout will activate your lymph system, build muscle/bone strength, and energize you in the best way possible! [More]
New to rebounding? This beginner trampoline rebounder workout is for you! ✅ Click here to JOIN my channel and unlock members only workouts! 🎯 Helpful beginner rebounder “HOW TO” videos and form tutorials: [More]
Hello everyone, I apologize for the delay in posting this video. I had a very busy schedule however, in this video, you will learn an exercise that will make you look $3xy. This is mainly [More]
Office Exercise for Cervical Pain & Neckpain #Cervicalexercise #Neckexercise #Neckpain #Cervicalpain #Cervicalstifness #cervical Free Neurotherpy Training न्यूरोथैरेपी सीखने के लिए हमारा नाम ही काफ़ी हैं “सेवा फाउन्डेशन” Daily 7:00am Mor. New Neurotherapy Point Link 🔗 [More]
Download the FREE HASfit app: Android — iPhone Coach Kozak’s 15 minute senior workout is great for senior strength and will get your heart rate up at the same time. The total body [More]
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