You can do it! Please join me for this one hour long all standing full body workout! After a dynamic warm up we will complete our cardio section with 4 rounds of 3 exercises that [More]
Our body is wholly connected head to toe. Hello, thank you for coming to my channel. My current bace in Canada but I am originally from Japan. I have been teaching for the past 24 [More]
Do you know your workout ABC’s? Get ready for a great full body cardio and strength workout! All exercises are low impact and all standing. Great for active seniors and beginners! In this 30 minute [More]
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This all standing 30 minute workout is perfect for seniors and beginners. Using a set of light hand weights (I’m using two 3lb / 1.3kg dumbbells) we will tone and strengthen the whole body. All [More]
Please join me for these pain relieving exercises that can be done in a standing or seated position. Grab a chair even if you are performing the exercises standing so you have it for stability [More]
Get ready for a great full body cardio and bodyweight strength workout! All exercises are low impact, to the beat of the music and all standing. There is a timer with 45 seconds on, 15 [More]
Please join me for this fun follow along holiday walking workout! Feel great and brighten your Christmas season by working out with me to this 20 minute cardio video! All exercises are low impact, performed [More]
Welcome to this full body all standing strength training workout that is great for everyone including active seniors and beginners! There are no squats or lunges in this workout so you don’t need to worry [More]
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