In this video, we will show you quick and effective exercises to strengthen your knees and improve stability. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to prevent one, these exercises will help you [More]
Today René and I will show you a few great exercises that you can use to get calf pain or calf cramps under control. We stretch the calves so intensively that we can still tolerate [More]
#piriformis #piriformissyndrome #sciatica #sciaticarelief #sciaticpain #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapists #physicaltherapystudent #physio #physiotherapy #physiotherapist Let’s be honest…knee pain sucks. And if you’re tired of dealing with it, I bet I can help! Between my own knee issues in the past, and now all the years I’ve spent working [More]
In this video we have explained the best exercises for knee pain relief. Any age category can follow all these exercises for instant knee pain relief. Physio Ball Link – *MEDICAL DISCLAIMER* All information, [More]
Grade 1 MCL Sprain Rehab The first phase of rehab for a grade 1 MCL sprain consists of reducing pain and swelling, normalizing range of motion, increasing quadriceps activation, normalizing walking and getting one’s confidence [More]
Dr. Rowe shows an easy exercise that can give instant knee pain relief. Great part is you can do this throughout the day pretty much anywhere, including at work or class. Let us know how [More]
This yin yoga for knee pain practice includes deep stretches we will hold for longer to help relieve your knee pain, whether you’re recovering from injury or just suffering from bad knees. 🎁 Join the [More]
Join me in this easy 10 minute hip pain relief routine, designed to help improve hip strength and mobility for you day. Simply follow along with me! Helpful tools: Yoga Block: Foam Pad: [More]
#legdaywarmup #gymwarmup #lowerbodywarmup #mobility #rehab This is the best collection of lower body mobility moves. The training consists of rehabilitation movements taking into account functional training. We work with movement patterns that will allow you [More]
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