Hip + knee weakness can making walking challenging! So I’m sharing 4 of my favorite MS-specific exercises 💪🏼 💡MS tends to attack these muscle groups, which leads to weakness and fatigue you might feel when [More]
This message is not for you today. I need to talk to you 30 years from now. Please go get that person and bring them to the screen. The Boster Center for Multiple Sclerosis accepts [More]
Want More Free Exercises for Your Symptoms? Sign up for the FREE ONLINE MS WORKOUTS STRENGTH CAMP www.msworkouts.com/strengthcamp Please Subscribe to Our Channel! http://bit.ly/2eHXpfs FREE E-PROGRESS JOURNAL AND LESSON VIDEO http://bit.ly/2w4kaNo —————————————————————————————————————- In this Monday’s [More]
This coming May 29th AMEDS Team with their patients are going to celebrate World MS Day! On this occasion we would like to invite patients to watch a special video tutorial showing exercises which every [More]
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FREE EXERCISE to combat your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms from the MS Gym ** EXERCISE WITH MS ** http://www.exercisewithms.com ———————————————————– Today, we are going to cover one of my FAVORITE leg strengthening exercises: STAGGERED SQUATS The [More]
Book a Discovery Call with Dr. Dasari: https://www.mgiclinic.com/su/ms Have Multiple Sclerosis? Want to stop INFLAMMATION for good? Join my Clinic. “Fuel the Mind, Heal the Gut, Reclaim Immunity” ____________________________________________ Show Notes: Take care of your [More]
Join me for an MS-specific physical therapy functional exercise demo and Q&A session! If you have ever wondered what some MS-Specific functional, exercises actually are this is for you! ▶ Free 5 Day MS Strength [More]
** FREE MINI BALANCE CAMP PROGRAM ** https://themsgym.mykajabi.com/mini-balance-camp ———————————————————– Whether you just received a multiple sclerosis diagnosis or have been previously diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, on a multiple sclerosis drug treatment plan, treating multiple sclerosis [More]
This program is supported through a grant from the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Equipment needed: hand weights and stretch band Remember to be safe during your exercise. Modify the exercises to your own abilities. And be [More]
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