During these times of isolation Metro is here to help our seniors stay healthy. Metro Active classes are a great way to stay active. This weeks theme is music by the artist Queen. Try to [More]
A gentle Parkinson’s movement and balance class in the chair and standing for designed to improve your health and function and help manage your symptoms. Join us @ 12:00 PM Pacific Time! Optional Class $ [More]
This 45 minute chair exercise workout covers all of the important aspects of fitness. We’ll work on heart-healthy cardiovascular exercises, strength, balance, core work and stretching. 45 minutes might sound long but it’ll go by [More]
My mom and I created this beginner chair workout for seniors and those with mobility issues. Weights are optional. yes2next.com celebrates fitness and joy at any age. It’s never too late to start exercising, creating, [More]
30 Minute seated walking workout today……,Ready for a low impact indoor chair walking workout? I have you covered today. Walking workout for weight loss that is still low back friendly, low impact, and fun. This [More]
Chair One Fitness is breaking down making fun fitness options available to anyone no matter their age or ability. This included seniors, mobility aid users, amputees, plus size, those with dementia, developmental disabilities, and MORE! [More]
10-Minute Chair Workout that is Designed to Help Reduce Belly Fat. This is an easy-to-follow seated routine that helps increase your calorie burn so you can reduce excess belly fat. The Belly Fat we want [More]
Looking to add some lower body exercise into your routine? Check out this sitting workout for upper body and thighs! This seated workout will work your whole body, and is a great way to start [More]
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