How Often Should A 60 YEAR OLD Man Workout? – Build Muscle Lose Fat!

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Whether you worked out in the past, haven’t worked out at all, or are working out consistently…the question of how often you should workout runs through your head. You may ask that question the older you get…and the answer is easier than you may think, but it is a loaded question making it harder to explain.

I have broken the answer down into 4 main things to think about. When you go through these 4 topics, that will help you get your answer for how often you should workout as a man over the age of 60. We are mainly talking about doing things that are designed to build muscle, not necessarily doing cardio.

Here are the 4 main topics for how often should a 60 year old man workout:





Figure out what works best for you and listen to your body. If you need a break, take a break…otherwise workout as often as your body lets you.

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@LatinosOver40 says:

If you're over 60, you MUST take a Cardiac Calcium Score test. It's a quick, convenient and noninvasive way of evaluating the amount of calcified (hard) plaque in your heart vessels. Normal Score should be Zero. Mine was 1807. One week later Triple Bypass on 12.08.23. The test is less then 500.00 and takes about 10min… see your doctor. I was short of breath when mowing the lawn… thought I was out of shape… glad I did'nt jump on the treadmill … LOL

@joeysketokitchen says:

I think adequate recouperation is more important as we get older. I have found that 72-96 hours rest on a muscle group is my sweet spot to get the most out of my workouts but I usually go 48-72 which is still good. I've noticed that when I do take a longer breaks I can really push hard and I'm either able to push more weight or squeeze out a few more reps in my workouts. I also alternate what body part I do first. For instance for chest and triceps, I'll alternate which group I do first and really push that group extra hard. There's not a "one size fits all" to the question. I comes down to getting in tune with your body and listening to it.

@NicknSuzSegura says:

I’m turning 60 this year

@tonyhollingsworth8361 says:

I was a competitive bodybuilder in my 20s I trained 4 days aweek. Prior to that I would train 6 days week. I found less is more. I'm 60 now and train 2 days aweek and I have great results and time for my body to rest. I also own a painting business and work hard days so the 2 days works well. If I were retired maybe I might add one more day but in all my years of training I found you don't need 5-6 days aweek to get results. Less is more. And after all the years of training I don't want to live my life around the gym anymore I have more things to enjoy.

@stephen3511 says:

In my 50’s and weight training 5 days a week. I still use free weights, but probably use machines 80% of the time.

@cliffcastle9808 says:

Ask 25 people of any specific age group how often they work out and what their workout consists of and you will get 25 different answers.

@zeithalmeida1171 says:

I'm 70 and I work out 6 days a week and it's not at all complicated…never touched a banned substance, just eat right and give it your very very best…and yes I'm also a certified qualified experienced personal trainer

@Berlitz81 says:

Everyone is different so there is no definitive answer to that loaded question.

@frankmazzie4855 says:


@robertmarking817 says:

You can work a lot more if you’re on HRT like the host of this video!!! OMG False advertising!!!

@TIO540S1 says:

I’m 69, work full time plus, and work out with resistance at least four days per week plus cardio (rowing, fight camp, rucking) three days per week. On some resistance days it’s circuit training with high intensity so also contributing to cardio fitness. I also am on prescribed TRT and HGH.

@louisfrancescon4266 says:

58 and working out as often as I can. When I’m not in the gym, I’m golfing.
Still working shifts at a refinery with kids younger than mine.
Just tell yourself you can do it, and go do it !!!

@nimblegoat says:

I did this naturally – started off with lower weights but lots of more repetitions – if I did a exercise ito limit – I felt the soreness – and ease off that exercise for a few awhile – now moving to rep cycles less times a week – but feels natural – as body was ready – and I was get a virtuous cycle all the time – looking better – standing straighter – So I think is like eating , drinking water , sleep – listen to your body – and obviously if you have the means – a good trainer would help . Also – want to work on cardio – Strength training has improved my cardio (big muscle groups- make you puff ) and flexibility – have a great diet – my aim mainly functional strength and some extra as reserve going forward – as you don't have the invincibility of youth – Happy to be less buff – if can get my muscles really strong – as more in line with life I want to lead – travelling on the road months at a time – lots of hiking – staying put is great – as control food – access to strength tools – but that's not living my life fully – being happy , doing stuff you love is important too – plus need to be in my country for 6 months a year when I retire to collect govt pension – so time to see to any loss on road ( probably diet foremost as eat a lot of fermented food I make – and hard bot to eat a lot of carbs on road – and not first choice carbs ) – With my training haven't weight myself as – better tool I find is waist measurement – lost an inch or two – just need to lose 5 more or 7 for a different build ( lean athletic )
Excerise can be addicting – as stated here find some else for inbetween days Cardio , sport , HIIT etc

@kellyfujikawa6918 says:

I am 63 years old. I work out 3 days a week. I get my heart rate up by doing a HIIT type of work out. I can tell that having a good masseuse is something that I would suggest to everyone who works out. I am amaze how many time a doctor might suggest shoulder or knee surgery, when a good massage does the trick. Also, tennis or golfer elbow can be taken care through massage. I should add that Liveanabolic is a great product offering and I am full in on their products.

@nomad6086 says:

I don't why this channel doesn't encourage more cardio for men over 60. Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of men…hands down. And if you look at the rising weight gain, poor nutrition & lack of excercise for the typical middle-aged male, it's no wonder older men are headed for disaster. Cardiologists have never been busier!

I understand strength training is important in preventing sarcopenia – and it should be included in an excercise program for older men – but it doesn't due much for cardiovascular health.

I'm 62 & "excercise" everyday. MWF are full-bodied weight lifting workouts at a local gym. I generally go light to moderate weight & have to be careful because of post-traumatic OA & tendinitis in some joints. TThSa are cardio days on the spin bike at the gym (I alter between long (50 min +) endurance rides or HIIT workouts). Sunday is my special run day on a nice, soft dirt trail at an open space park. A couple of easy "warmup" miles then it's some HIIT with long intervals.

There's a plethora of studies in the scientific literature that show the benefits of cardio exercise on significantly reducing heart disease risk, cancer risk, diabetes risk & so on. Even a brisk walk of only 30 mins a day getting the heart rate up has tremendous health benefits.

Most men over 60 just have to get moving & start changing their lifestyle.They've been sedentary & not excercising very much for years, if not decades. Many have already had CV disease & are on barrowed time. I've known middle-aged guys over the years at my gym who just lifted & did little to no cardio. Several of these guys I knew succumbed to a heart attack or stroke. Fortunately, most were saved & became patients of the cardiac rehab unit. But they all realized that they were neglecting cardio for the sake of just lifting & getting big. They had no idea of what awaited them.

At the end of the day: Cardio is King for older men.

@sunsylosouvannaraj says:

I been exercise since grade school I’m 50 and only do 3 times a week cause my goal is just to be healthier than yesterday 😄

@gel210 says:

I’m nearly 60 I do weights only twice a week for 20/30 mons the other five days I do five mins of core exercises a couple of dead hangs total 1/2 mins and intermittent fasting not much carbs or snacking I have my six pack better than ever .

@leesalawitch1386 says:

I'm 60, have a physically demanding job, and hit the gym three times a week. Age is just a number on a piece of paper

@jc4evur661 says:

I know I can workout regularly after 60
It just that the motivation to do so isn't what it used to be.

@harmdeiman6761 says:

57 and still in the gym 5 times a week with a total body scedule. Its not complicated. Listen to your body and find out what works for yourselfs

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