In this video, Doctor Andrea Furlan demonstrates 8 exercises for knee pain caused by patellofemoral syndrome (jumper’s knee or runner’s knee) and IT band syndrome. Link to download the handout here: To purchase any [More]
Join Mark and his Fitness Friends for a compilation of warm-ups, including arthritis, dual depth, kickboxing mind & body and resistance training. There are also warm-up samples for chilly pools and talkative students. Read more: [More]
Integrating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in the pool is an effective alternative to land training and a great way to add variety to existing water routines. Check out this versatile pool-based HIIT program, which integrates [More]
Core with LaCour features Jenni Lynn and Chris and a 15-minute core challenge for the pool. full video for instructors: Full video to exercise with on the Poolfit app:
여행갈 때나 여행에서 돌아올 때 꼭 한번은 거쳐야 하는 출입국 심사! 그런데, 대면심사는 왠지 부담스럽다고요? 20초 만에 출입국심사가 완료되는 자동출입국심사를 이용하세요! 아주 쉬운 자동출입국 심사의 과정부터, 실수를 막기 위한 주의사항까지! 코로나시대에 더욱 빛을 발하는 자동출입국심사의 [More]
In this clip, Anne demonstrates effective routines to loosen the joints in the hand. Do NOT perform these exercises while experiencing a flare-up. Anne Pringle Burnell is an instructor at the and an educator at [More]
A 10 minute beginner chair exercise workout designed specifically for people who have been sedentary and looking to start moving again. The class has gentle movements and is easy to understand and follow. Ideal for [More]
Bob and Brad demonstrate the single best ab exercise for beginners, advanced, and seniors. Website: Youtube Channel: Bob and Brad Amazon Store: Bob (the tall one) has been diagnosed with Ataxia. It [More]
There are several possible causes of shoulder pain, but two that come to mind are poor posture and overuse. However a good stretching routine can improve posture, increase flexibility and reduce pain. Do you enjoy [More]