Rick and Morty try to get to the bottom of a mystery in this M. Night Shamyaloin style twistaroony of an episode! (Guest Starring David Cross)
Duck CONFIT (date night food) #shorts Duck Confit is the perfect date night meal, and this process makes it easy. Season with 50% more kosher salt than you normally would, brine overnight, rinse, cover with [More]
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Sleep in 2 Minutes Gentle Rain Sounds with DARk SCREEN (No Music, No Thunder) Perfect for Sleeping and insomnia. Soft Rain falling is nice while Studying, Relaxing or Meditating. The Rain creates a white noise [More]
Workout to the Bee Gees! This is a short 10 minute seated workout created for Bee Gees fans! This is a beginner to intermediate workout suitable for all ages but mostly with seniors in mind [More]
Prevent Falls Neuro-Balance Therapy