Best 5 Minute Walking/Balance Exercise After Stroke or Foot Drop. Prevent Falls! Youtube Channel: Website: Bob & Brad demonstrate walking and balance exercises you can do at home to help your foot drop [More]
Sometimes, injuries in other parts of your body can prevent you from doing the heel raise exercises that you need to strengthen your Achilles tendon. Pain in the front of the foot is a very [More]
Two of main causes for foot drop is spasticity and flaccidity of the muscles in the back of your lower leg. Both of these causes can lead to too much plantarflexion (pointing of the toes). [More]
These are three exercises that have been very effective for helping my patients resolve the foot pain or plantar fasciitis they have been experiencing. Hope these help you too! Drevna’s-Hudson Physical Therapy 700 Eden Rd [More]
This is the first part of a 2 part series on the treatment for foot drop. This video demonstrates exercises to strength the muscles on the front of the leg that are responsible for lifting [More]
Want More Free Exercises for Your Symptoms? Sign up for the FREE ONLINE MS WORKOUTS STRENGTH CAMP Please Subscribe to Our Channel! FREE E-PROGRESS JOURNAL AND LESSON VIDEO —————————————————————————————————————- In this Monday’s [More]
Runners, fix your feet, that is if you want to run faster and pain free. The research does show both that strong feet are fast feet and that strong feet get less injured. Today I [More]
An ankle foot orthosis (AFO) is a brace used to keep the foot up when walking. Typically, this type of brace is recommended for foot drop (or drop foot) and/or spasticity. However, these are just [More]
Feel that nagging or intense pain that moves from your lower back through your hip & buttocks and down the back of your leg? Your sciatic nerve isn’t happy 👎 Fortunately reflexology can help relieve [More]
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