Feeling overwhelmed by finals OR drowning in deadlines at work? This livestream is for YOU! Join us for a Chair Yoga & Acupressure session designed to help you de-stress, sharpen your focus, and recharge your [More]
MORNING YOGA STRETCHES FOR THE FULL BODY | Full Body DAILY Yoga Flow | BEST Yoga Routine Hi beautiful friends and welcome to another morning yoga flow with me, Laurie from LEMon Yoga. Today I [More]
PDF pose chart here: https://www.yogabody.com/yoga-flow-for-sciatica-youtube/ Are you struggling with sciatic nerve pain? Movement is crucial for healing sciatica, but too much too soon – or the wrong type of exercise – can make your symptoms [More]
PDF pose chart here: https://www.yogabody.com/chair-yoga-flow-youtube/ If you’re in the office right now or have an injury – or if you’re limited in your mobility for whatever reason – this 15-minute chair flow yoga class, is [More]
Thank you for joining me for this seated chair yoga class. You will feel energized yet relaxed after completing these dynamic movements. This is a great 25 minute workout that is perfect for seniors and [More]
Join me for this soothing LIVE Candlelight Yoga slow flow to release tension from your hips, hamstrings and lower back. We’ll flow and stretch, trying to tap into a blissful state of inner calm and [More]
Welcome to the latest episode of HT Physio Quick Tips! In this episode, Farnham’s leading over-50’s physiotherapist, Will Harlow, reveals 4 exercises designed to improve blood flow and circulation in the legs! These exercises are [More]
Welcome, my friends! I’m Jen hilman thanks so much for joining me today as we explore some yoga poses to help relieve chronic hip low back pain and sciatica. so I know that this is [More]
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