Get fit with senior fitness expert, Bradford Bailey. Senior Fit by Bradford is a workout series designed to improve the quality of life for seniors through strength and conditioning exercises. Every episode offers a full-body [More]
Senior Fit By Bradford is a fun and easy exercise show for senior citizens hosted by Bradford Bailey. Bradford is an expert fitness trainer who specializes in geriatric wellness. His classes are specifically designed for [More]
A live Parkinson’s exercise class that focuses on fall prevention and balance. I’ve been working on a strategy to prevent falls called “The Scramble!” which prepares you for the natural response we attempt when we [More]
The Flash 7×18 “Heart of the Matter – Part 2” Season 7 Episode 18 Promo (Season Finale) – SEASON FINALE – The Flash (Grant Gustin) enlists a host of speedster allies, including Iris (Candice Patton) [More]
In episode 26 of posture paradise: back edition, We are going to start in supta pawanmuktasana an amazing asana for building back strength while stretching out the spine Peace and light Cissy xx Join Nansera [More]
Once Upon a Time 6×16 “Mother’s Little Helper” Season 6 Episode 16 Promo – Gold and Belle convince Emma to help Gideon, explaining that together they can stop the Black Fairy. Henry experiences a disorienting [More]
SUBSCRIBE: #podcast #healthyaging #fitness Aging is difficult for almost everyone. But, out podcast gives out tips and tricks to make the aging lifestyle better. A Healthier Michigan is dedicated to helping you create healthier [More]
How to get rid of arthritis in the finger ? Arthritis or joint inflammation isn't only a straightforward infection that influences your knees as it were. It can happen in your grasp and fingers as [More]
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