It is possible to find relief from bone on bone arthritis! Find out how in this 15 minute seated and standing workout with a physical therapist Other workout routines to try: Bone on bone workout [More]
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Bone-on-bone knee arthritis treatment usually sounds grim if you talk to most people in the healthcare field… Doctors usually just recommend medications, injections and tell you that you’ll eventually need to have knee joint replacement [More]
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Michael L. Swank, M.D. is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon at Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine who specializes in hip and knee replacement. In this series, he will answer common questions he receives in his clinic [More]
Hamstring strengthening compresses the knee joint too much and can lead to worse bone-on-bone knee joint arthritis. #elpasomanualphysicaltherapy #drdavidmiddaugh ==================================================================== ✅ Subscribe for more FREE tips on how to stay healthy, active & mobile while [More]
Yes, we may stumble and yes, we may fall – but that does not mean we will break any bones. This class is dedicated to building strength in our skeletons so that we are strong [More]
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Most people that get told they have bone on bone hip arthritis are usually left hanging on what to do next. Doctors usually just recommend medications, injections and surgery, which don’t really solve the root [More]
After you’ve done your butt squeezes, your glute muscles should be more woken up. Now this is a modified clamshell, you’re gonna have to lie down on your side just like so you’re gonna lie [More]
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