This 30 min full body combined seated and standing exercise program is suitable for seniors, older adults, elderly or beginners who either want seated or standing exercises, or a combination of both. You choose what [More]
This total body workout will rev up your metabolism and improve your cardio and strength endurance all in 12 minutes! No repeats. Do you enjoy our SilverSneakers YouTube videos? If so, visit our website to [More]
Welcome to this full body strength routine that focuses on building muscle mass and strength in just 20 minutes. Make the workout your own by using weights that are appropriate for you and going at [More]
This workout will focus on different modalities of core strengthening exercises for all the trunk areas of the body; abdominals, obliques, lower abs and lower back. The second half of this workout will center on [More]
963 Hz Frequency of God | Attracts Love, Abundance And Peace – Heals The Body, Mind And Spirit Experience unparalleled relaxation and deep body healing and restoration with our special Black Screen Sleep Music. Perfect [More]
→ 15-MIN LOW IMPACT CARDIO This workout only uses 1 pair of dumbbells and hits all the muscles in the body. Supersetting the front of body, legs and back of the body, you’ll cycle [More]
Join us for a revitalizing 30-minute full-body workout tailored for seniors over 60! Our easy-to-follow routine is designed to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance with gentle, effective exercises. Perfect for every fitness level, our expert [More]
60 Mins Upper Body Workout at Home | Strength Training for Chest, Back, Shoulders, and Arms. Welcome to our transformative 1 Hour Upper Body Workout! This session is designed to build strength, enhance muscle definition, [More]
Welcome to this quick and effective total body strength workout in 10 minutes! All exercises are performed in a standing position and are compound exercises so we are exercising multiple body parts at once, so [More]
This is the perfect stretch after any upper body training day!! We are going to work through several stretches in the neck, shoulders, chest, upper back, arms, and wrists! This stretch will help reduce muscle [More]
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