Join me for an energising , ballet inspired 25 minute morning pilates workout for your Arms and Abs. Created to tone and sculpt your arms and abdominals this will be a graceful session that will [More]
As a busy family man, I understand having a ripped 6-pack isn’t always the top priority. One thing I think we can all agree on though, is having an impressive set of arms and shoulders [More]
You asked for it…. Pool workout without equipment! You may use your webbed gloved for added resistance 😉 In this workout we will challenge the upper body mainly and your core muscles! lots of abs [More]
This 35 minute upper body and ab workout is designed to strengthen your entire core, back, biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders. This workout combines unilateral (one arm working at a time) and bilateral (both arms [More]
Indoor workout for women low impact. Toned arm Indoor Walking workout for women over 50 | home workout with Upper body exercises to target back fat, flabby arms, shoulders and chest. Indoor Walking Workout and [More]
We are going to use some very easy foot patterns in this video but the arm patterns are a little more difficult. If you practice it enough, you’ll get really good at it and your [More]
Want to have strong arms?? Practice these two exercises with a band. #exercisebands #theraband #seniorexercise ❤SUBSCRIBE to Vicki @Yoga 4 Man – Yoga & Pilates Videos channel for free yoga videos and to help support [More]
Combat batwings by toning up your arms and shoulders with 10 exercises in 10 minutes! Join my 79-year-old mom and me in this workout that will strengthen your upper body and define your arm and [More]
10 min Upper Body Workout With Dumbbells Arms, Back, Chest to lose weight & Fat Burn for women over 50 and suitable for beginners and seniors workouts. Exercises for back fat, chest toning and arms [More]
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