Advanced Flexibility & Balance | Denise | 11.3.23 Denise is here to challenge you in this Advanced Flexibility & Balance class. Improve your standing balance while performing moves in different stances, both statically and dynamically. [More]
***Free Trial*** Video Subscription Service Our subscription service is 1000+ hours of video instruction and access to our private facebook group. Free for your first 30 days $7/month after cancel at any time. đŸ™‚ [More]
Advanced Chair Aerobics Workout is a advance high energy high intensity seated power exercise workout for people with limited mobility who need to sit exercise and get fit. This a fast pace workout featuring safe, [More]
Balance confidence is something we often take for granted…….until we lose it. Balance is the ability to maintain the center of gravity (the body) over the base of support (foot or feet). Staying upright requires [More]
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Try this movement out if you’re move advanced and want to strengthen your knee to prevent any further knee pain. #advancedmovement #advanced #kneepain #joints #kneestrengthening
Glute squeezes with a baby squat can get your glutes and abdominals activated throughout the day. These exercises can help alleviated pressure in the hip and knee joints to keep you healthy for the long [More]
Join me (Mike – Physiotherapist) for another Saturday exercise session to get you stronger. (Strength Saturday No.3). This session is at a more advanced level. Remember to SUBSCRIBE to this channel for regular exercise videos. [More]
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