If you’re looking to improve your strength, bone density and range of movement, this circuit-style workout designed for over 60’s will be perfect for you. Hi, I’m Markesha and I create exercise programs for over [More]
This video will guide you through some great face yoga moves to do when you are in your 60’s. You can also do these at any age! Always work to your own level with all [More]
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Chair exercises for seniors can be fun when it includes music from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s! This short 10 minute workout includes a bit of dancing with various cardio and strength moves. We’ll listen [More]
Senior Fitness Over 60’s #RosariaBarreto #shorts #workout Any exercise that results in getting your heart rate up will result in improving your heart health. But sometimes, life gets busy and it’s difficult to set aside [More]
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