The tendon at the elbow in the forearm called the distal biceps tendon connects muscle to bone and allows us to move our arm. Rupturing of the distal biceps tendon may be caused by heavy [More]
How to find the biceps tendon #shorts #biceps #chiropractor
In this video, Biceps Tendon Rupture-Signs and Symptoms I discuss what the signs and symptoms of a biceps tendon rupture looks like and I go over how I like to test for it. Here are [More]
There are two simple tests that can help you determine if the Biceps LONG HEAD TENDON is injured. Learn these two tests PLUS the rotator cuff resistance tests in this informative video. Burke Selbst PT [More]
Here I describe different ways to identify proximal and distal biceps ruptures. I talk about the Ludington test, the Hook test and a test I developed and like to use. Also, I will talk about [More]
This new animation highlights the use of a SwiveLock Tenodesis implant for all-arthroscopic proximal biceps tenodesis. The efficient system was designed to save steps and minimize the length of the procedure. The implants feature a [More]
Enlargement of the biceps tendon with surrounding fluid and periosteal changes suggestive of biceps tendinopathy.
Biceps Tendonitis. When we refer to biceps tendonitis in the shoulder, we are most often referring to the long head of the biceps brachii. This tendon runs up the front of the arm, over top [More]
The Speed’s test is used to assess the integrity of the biceps tendon (long head) or labrum, specifically a Superior Labrum Anterior-Posterior (SLAP) Lesion. How to Perform Speed’s Test Position of Patient: • Patient is [More]
SUBSCRIBE: INSTAGRAM: Rory’s shares his journey to recovery after a torn distal biceps tendon and the surgical repair rehabilitation that followed. A distal biceps tendon rupture injury is relatively uncommon and occurs when [More]
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