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Today’s video covers three stretches, which are designed to help improve shoulder mobility by targeting three of the most common shoulder limitations (flexion, external rotation and internal rotation). Deficits in shoulder range of motion are [More]
TSAOG Physical Therapist Cheryl Obregon demonstrates the Shoulder External Rotation Stretch. Visit for more information. Transcript: As you do the shoulder external rotation stretch, with a stick, you want to make sure that you [More]
In this Video, Strength & Conditioning Profession – Sports Scientist – Professor of Exercise Science Sean Cochran, presents a simple series of rotator cuff exercises for beginners and seniors. Performing rotator cuff exercises on a [More]
Good morning! This short 15-minute session stretches and strengthens your body for the day ahead. No equipment needed, just your beautiful self. So let’s get moving x x You can support my channel and free [More]
Jessica Valant, physical therapist and Pilates teacher, takes you through this ten minute shoulder mobility exercises routine you can do at home! These shoulder stretches will stretch and strengthen your shoulders and upper back and [More]
In This Video We have explained the best exercises for upper back pain relief, shoulder blade pain and scapula pain relief. Belt Link – Online consultation- 7720951234 *MEDICAL DISCLAIMER* All information, content, and material [More]
10 of the best stretches to decrease tightness and pain in your shoulders and unlock greater mobility! Shoulder stretches you can do right at home to alleviate shoulder tension, increase your range of motion, and [More]
The best stretches to relieve tight, stiff, and sore shoulders! This shoulder stretching routine is perfect for eliminating shoulder aches, pains, and stiffness. Whether you spend long hours at a desk, have been hitting the [More]
Daily online yoga classes are available. Visit- for more information Dive deep into the transformative power of yoga with this 50-minute online class focused on advanced deep twists and shoulder stretches. Designed for intermediate [More]
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