Hello everyone, this Yoga Streching Routine is perfect for everyone who wants to improve flexibility and mobility for a healthy body and mind. Flow with me though very intense stretching exersices, challenge yourself bur also [More]
Here’s the perfect 5 minute posture routine. “Bad posture” isn’t something to be too worried about, but lack of movement throughout the day is. Start doing this at least 1-2 times a day while making [More]
After Golf Stretching – Wednesday’s at 8:30 – LIVE – Follow Along – Feel Better with Lower Back Pain Follow along with Dr. Cornies as he shows his after golf stretching routine LIVE. Dr. Matthew [More]
Physical Therapist Jessica Williamson at Prisma Health Orthopedics provides instruction on techniques to properly stretch and increase range of motion in your shoulders. These stretches can be used for injury or surgical recovery, or simply [More]
11/07/2023/Shoulder Stretching Yogas
Arm and shoulder stretching workout to relax your muscles at home. Exercises for men and women to stretch upper body and improve flexibility of your muscles. ⦿ Calorie Burn: 15 – 33 ⦿ Frequency: do [More]
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