This workout will focus on different modalities of core strengthening exercises for all the trunk areas of the body; abdominals, obliques, lower abs and lower back. The second half of this workout will center on [More]
Welcome to our workout featuring 5 Gentle Exercises to Fix Bad Posture | Upper Body Strength and Stretch for Seniors. All of the exercises for seniors over 60 can be done in a chair or [More]
This 30 minute chair stretch for seniors and beginners will provide you with a full-body seated stretching program from head to toe. Grab your chair, be dressed in comfortable clothing and get ready to engage [More]
Are you a senior, or elderly or you are still young but feel old because you complain of bodyaches and less flexibility? And constantly have low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain or body stiffness? [More]
Community Outreach Fitness Specialists Daron Raynor & Dani Ondreka talk about stretching exercises for seniors
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Discover the top 5 exercises tailored for seniors over 60 to boost your health and keep you feeling energetic! ­čîč In this video, we dive into simple yet effective workouts designed to enhance flexibility, increase [More]
Back pain is not fun! Learn how to do the … 1. Dead Bug 2. the Bridge 3. The Bird Dog properly and then do them regularly to keep your back pain free!
Join us for a transformative Chair Yoga session that caters exclusively to seniors looking to maintain and enhance their physical and mental health. This video guides you through a series of gentle, chair-based yoga poses [More]
Thank you for joining me for this gentle 10 minute all standing stretch. These are great stretches to do anytime or as a cool down from your workout. The stretching exercises featured in this video [More]
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