Welcome to our 10-Minute Walking Workout and Strength Training for Seniors. This easy-to-follow gentle exercise for seniors over 60 and beginners offers a gentle and effective exercise experience. πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ 4-Minute Walking Workout: Get ready to [More]
πŸ‘‹ Hi there! Welcome to our “All-in-One Walking & Strength Workout for Seniors” video! This complete 50-minute session for seniors over 50 includes dynamic stretching, balance exercises, strength training, a 15-minute walking workout, and gentle [More]
This seated workout is ideal for people with knee pain, and for people who have limited mobility or who sit a lot during the day. Build core strength and improve pelvic health with this seated [More]
If you want to age gracefully, adding in strength training workouts to your weekly routine will absolutely help. This no floor workout consists of 20 exercises created for seniors and beginners in mind who have [More]
This super quick 5 minutes short daily cardio workout will put you on the fast track to a flatter tummy and improved overall health. Always go at your own pace and don’t forget the most [More]
WEEK 4 // DAY 1 Welcome to your lean muscle building 4 week challenge. Today’s focus is Chest & Back. The timer is set for 40 seconds, and aiming for 10-12 reps, which means we [More]
Keep your body strong and active with these seated exercises for seniors! This cardio and strength training routine is perfect for older adults who want to stay fit and healthy. Plus, you can do these [More]
Chair Well Strength | Madeleine Join Madeleine for this seated Beginner Strength Training class. You will go through a series of exercises designed to tone and strengthen your whole body all while seated in your [More]
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