Featuring a range of different movements, this cardio routine is great for getting your body moving and your heart pumping. All you need is 15 minutes and enough space to move around. Do you enjoy [More]
Neck alignment is an important part of posture. If you spend a substantial amount of time sitting in a rounded forward position, or even find yourself sleeping in an off way—you might experience neck pain. [More]
Want to maintain a strong center? This workout combines static and dynamic strength exercises to keep you stable on your feet so you can feel confident moving in your everyday life. You will need free weights [More]
Mobility is the ability to move freely without being inhibited by stiffness or stress. Follow along as we guide you through 3 simple exercises for you to keep those shoulders mobile. Want more videos? Visit [More]
During these times of isolation Metro is here to help our seniors stay healthy. However these classes are not just for seniors, anyone can participate. Metro Active classes are a great way to stay active. [More]
Join us today, for a few grip drills that will help you improve your hand and muscle strength. Grip drills are important as we continue to grow older, as it helps us maintain strength, and [More]
There are several possible causes of shoulder pain, but two that come to mind are poor posture and overuse. However a good stretching routine can improve posture, increase flexibility and reduce pain. Do you enjoy [More]
You won’t even realize you’re exercising with this fun dance routine! All you need is 12 minutes for this heart pumping workout that will boost your mood. Do you enjoy our SilverSneakers YouTube videos? If [More]
Dancing is a great way to get in a full-body workout while having some fun. This customizable dance workout not only helps build muscular strength but also boots brain health. Do you enjoy our SilverSneakers [More]
A strong back will help you move better. There are lots of great exercises to improve back strength. Today SilverSneakers National Trainer, Andi will show you 5 exercises that can be done from either a [More]
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