Dr. Rowe shows how to quickly relieve levator scapulae muscle tightness and pain. The levator scapulae muscle is a common cause of pain in the upper back and neck, especially at the top of the [More]
Do you have shoulder pain trying to sleep? Today you’ll learn a few ways to instantly decrease your pain and a method to fix it for good! Get my book on fixing injury here: https://amzn.to/3djgTpg [More]
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Find the best way to stretch your shoulder and get a neck pain relief. Allow your body to relax and move in a slow flow, targeting neck, shoulder and scapulas. These yoga for neck and [More]
Dr. Rowe shows an easy exercise that will help relive back in the upper back, especially around the shoulder blades. This exercise can be done at home (or work), requires no equipment, and may give [More]
Simple and effective exercises to get rid of costochondritis. These exercises also mobilize mid thoracic region. Some times people may get muscle catch in mid back while lifting weight.They can try these exercises to relieve [More]
Relief in under a minute from Shoulder Pain, Rhomboid Pain, or Nerve Pain Down Your Arm from a pinched nerve in the neck. Sounds too good to be true eh? But as one of my [More]
🙏Welcome to fitness with Mishty 🙏 We believes in a healthy sustainable approach to weightloss – No powders or pills Join our latest challenge and start your transformation Aerobics easy and effective moves for full [More]
When we examine the causes of kyphosis, which is known as hunchback among the people, we see that there are many causes such as neurological diseases, structural deformities, flat feet known as pes planus. Kyphosis [More]
#shorts What causes pain behind shoulder blade? How long can shoulder blade pain last? How do you relieve shoulder blade pain? What is the main cause of shoulder blade pain? How do you stretch your [More]
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