Zumba Gold® cha-cha-chá routine to Gary Barlow ft. Beverly Knight “Enough is Enough”. Recorded in August 2023 in Motala, Sweden. Follow me on Instagram as @ForTheFunFinn. For current classes, including On-Demand and Zoom virtual classes, [More]
Get your blood pumping and your heart rate up with this medium- to high-intensity senior cardio aerobic workout. Read more about the benefits of aerobic exercise and find more great free workout videos on my [More]
Workout to the Bee Gees! This is a short 10 minute workout created for Bee Gees fans! This is a low impact, beginner workout suitable for all ages but mostly with seniors in mind (since [More]
Get the live fitness experience right from home with this easy, fun, and energetic 35-minute dance exercise for older adults, seniors, and beginners! It will help you lift your spirits, burn some calories, and most [More]
Are you ready to have some fun? An Irish Jig came on and it made me just want to start dancing. It made me think of other countries’ music that has the ability to lift [More]
The HAPPIEST MILE on the INTERNET One of our most popular MILES …. thank you Walkers! Happy Walks to our faithful Walkers! Download, stream, or purchase our latest workouts and accessories! 🚶‍♀️Subscribe to our best-selling [More]
#gina #dora #joy #beverly#mary jane #majoy #carmel #liza #malyn #daisy #sylvia #michel #bibing #susa #emy #cherry #noemi #lilian #celina #tala WeDaSimpleZumbangersMoms, are not real dancers. Our only purpose is to relax, to enjoy the song/dance. [More]
Let’s DANCE with our LATO LATO Dance choreography! Get up and dance with us! Hope like it! JA Danceworkout Choreography #latolato #latolatodance CREDITS ! To DJ EUGENE for this awesome Remix ! Thank you po [More]
Attention Zumba instructors This is a Basic Zumba warm up❤️❤️❤️ You can modify with this format easily for any song. Thank you for joining My video today. Big shout out to Jocelyn, Pinky, Luna, Liz, [More]
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