This low impact walking workout is about 3000 steps. It will strengthen your cardiovascular system and tone your arms, back, shoulders, legs, hips, and glutes. The video consists of 5 sets of 5 exercises in [More]
Bring on another Full Body FUN Cardio Home Workout for WEIGHT LOSS – Are you ready people?! This Full Body Cardio Workout is designed to help promote weight loss while strengthening and shaping your body. [More]
If you’re a senior, beginner or returning to fitness after a long absence. This 10 minute rebounding walk workout video is for you! Includes a warm up and cool down. Click here to JOIN [More]
This short 15 minute disco dance workout is created for all 1970s disco music fans (and as a huge thank you to my Paypal and Patreon supporters). Due to copyrighted music being used, there might [More]
This beginner and senior friendly trampoline rebounder workout features low intensity, low impact moves with a longer duration and a wonderful cool down stretch. Click here to JOIN my channel and unlock members only [More]
Welcome to Empowered Vegans Live stream with Mariquita Solis. As a Vegan Empowerment Coach, Mariquita’s mission is to help vegans live a fulfilling and empowered life while making a positive impact on the world. Each [More]
CORE and UPPER BODY STRENGTH will help you improve your posture, avoid injuries, maintain balance, and reduce back pain. It is important to understand that the CORE is more than the abdominal muscles; the CORE [More]
SeniorShape Senior & Beginner Workout – Full Body Weight Training w/ Dumbbells Resist bone loss with this full body strength training workout. Start with light dumbbells, around two to five pound weights, and work your [More]
Visit for tons of FREE EXERCISE VIDEOS FOR SENIORS with Curtis Adams. BUY DVDs, Resistance Bands & Videos on Amazon- just search ‘Curtis Adams senior exercise’ or visit In this senior workout video, [More]
This 20-minute indoor walking workout will help improve your cardiovascular health by getting your heart rate up with exercises that work your entire body including your legs, glutes, core, and upper body. Perfect for seniors [More]
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