This video is DAY 1 of a 7 day WORKOUT SERIES! Follow me every day for a 30 minute different workout. Today’s workout is a CARDIO WORKOUT, that will follow a “Power Walking” type workout. [More]
Thanks for joining me for this fun low impact cardio Tabata workout! What’s Tabata? Tabata is just the name for the specific timing of this type of interval training. It looks like this: 20 seconds [More]
This is a work out using the chair as one of the main tools.
Please join me for this FUN walking exercise that includes 30 minutes of fat burning cardio and arm toning! All exercisers are low impact and perfect for seniors and beginners. Follow along and have fun [More]
Join Tona for online LIVE classes. Senior Fitness, Cardio Sculpting, And Yoga/Pilates. Join us on Youtube or directly on our website. Video created by Mystical Designs Music provided by Canva. Maximum High by Xack [More]
Senior Fit By Bradford is a fun and easy exercise show for senior citizens hosted by Bradford Bailey. Bradford is an expert fitness trainer who specializes in geriatric wellness. His classes are specifically designed for [More]
BIG Welcome to Gold & Silver Fitness. Our motto:” YOU are More Valuable than Gold!” An Exercise channel for the Active Aging community and Newbies. From Generation X to the Baby Boomers and way Beyond!! [More]
Hello and welcome to this FUNctional strength training workout! This 30 minute workout with optional weights is a MUST DO for everyone. All exercises are performed in a standing position and are low impact. This [More]
Full body strength training workout with dumbbells. I’m using 5 pound weights in this excellent workout featuring exercises for the entire body. Always start with lighter weights if you are new to working out and [More]
Let’s stretch, relax and feel better with this gentle yoga class. This routine is perfect for most people including those with limited mobility. The first half of the video is all completed in a seated [More]
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