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Dr. Rowe shows an easy exercise that you can do in seated (in a chair) for instant sciatica pain relief. This exercise is perfect to do not only when you’re needing relief, but also throughout [More]
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Dr. Rowe shows a decompression traction exercise that can give instant sciatica and lower back pain relief. Think of a deep pulling motion in the back to help take pressure off bulging discs and pinched [More]
3 Most Common Cures for Sciatica by Bob and Brad Bob and Brad discuss a 3 step approach to treating sciatica. Interested in learning about the products mentioned in today’s video: 1) McKenzie SlimLine Lumbar [More]
Sciatica is a common condition that causes pain in the lower back and legs. In this video, we’ll discuss the causes of sciatica and provide you with effective exercises and stretches to relieve your pain. [More]
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