Sciatica is caused by impingement or pinching of the sciatic nerve which sends pain down the sciatic distribution in the leg. A major way for the sciatic nerve to get pinched by a disc prolapse [More]
lumbar (lower back) disc injuries, including central disc bulges, lateral disc bulges, lumbar disc herniations, and impingement. Between each of the moveable vertebra located the intervertebral disc. In consequence of aging or trauma, the intervertebral [More]
This is a time Dr. Evans goes over any questions you may have with the pains you’re experiencing with your sciatica and how to fix it! Please leave any questions or comments below! There is [More]
Got a sharp pain down your back or leg? Tune in as Dr. Balaguru Ravi from Kelsey-Seybold Clinic talks all things sciatica – causes, treatment, and prevention, including insights on Adele’s recent revelation. Subscribe to [More]
Dr. David Adler owner of Adler Comprehensive Chiropractic in Roswell, GA guides you through a quad stretch. This technique aims to enhance posture, boost flexibility, alleviate lower back and extremity pain, expand the range of [More]
This is a simple way to get quick Sciatica pain relief in under a minute that you can do in bed or on a couch. Click the link to try WeShape for free: #sciaticarelief [More]
Get sciatica nerve pain relief in seconds with this amazing, effective exercise! As you decrease nerve irritation in your lower back and hip you can eliminate numbness, tingling, and pain associated with sciatica. “Nerve glides” [More]
Hamstring & Sciatic Nerve Pain – DON’T Stretch It! Related Videos: 3 Exercises to Help Sciatica – Get the Low Back Pain Guide: If you are having Sciatica nerve pain & hamstring pain [More]
This is the best stretch when suffering from a tight muscle in the buttocks area (Piriformis). Tightening of this muscle can cause local pain, but can also lead to sciatica since the sciatic nerve passes [More]
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