Kick mid-back pain to the curb with this exercise! Dr. Shakib from Irvine Spine and Wellness Center is the Irvine Chiropractor nearby with a pain and posture clinic that specializes in chronic pain, pelvic floor [More]
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Pressure around the rectum is a common sign of pelvic floor dysfunction, but why? Core Pelvic Floor Therapy in Irvine, Orange County is your Core and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction center where the focus is not [More]
Dr. Rowe shows a flossing exercise that can help stretch the sciatic nerve pathway for instant sciatica relief. Let us know how it works for you! *************************** Dr. Michael Rowe St. Joseph, Michigan chiropractor If [More]
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Simple and effective stretches and exercises you can do at home to relieve your sciatic nerve symptoms FAST! Dr Jared Beckstrand demonstrates 3 series of exercises to help alleviate your sciatica pain, numbness, and tingling [More]
Are you suffering from debilitating sciatica pain? We understand how frustrating and limiting it can be. But worry not, because, in this video, we have compiled a series of practical exercises specifically designed to relieve [More]
👉 The piriformis muscle is a small muscle in the buttocks that helps with hip rotation and pelvic stabilization during movement. 👉 Tightness and spasms in the piriformis muscle can compress or irritate the sciatic [More]
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