🦵Jumper’s knee is when there is irritation of the patella tendon, the tendon just beneath your knee cap. Where as quadriceps tendinopathy is when there is irritation of the quadriceps tendon, just adobe your knee [More]
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E43: Patellar Tendon Massage – Patellar Tendonitis This year I’m doing a video every single day on sports injury topics, prevention and exercises. Subscribe for free to get them all! If you’re interested in reading [More]
Quadriceps tendinopathy (also known as jumper’s knee) presents as pain on the top side of the patella. While a rehab program for patellar tendinopathy may be helpful, there are some modifications that can make the [More]
By monitoring pain with the pain scale, it’s possible to rehab Jumper’s Knee while competing in sport. 2007 study in the Achilles on Pain-Guided vs. Pain-Free: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/0363546506298279 2021 study in the Patellar Tendon comparing the [More]
Patellar Tendon Exercises 🏋🏽‍♂️ Here are all the exercises, sets, and reps. Step down heel taps: 4 x 20 Band assisted pogo hops: 4 x 20 sec on 30 sec rest Split Squat Isometrics: 4 [More]
A video all about patellar tendinopathy and how to treat it for physiotherapists! Consider donating for more videos like this: ko-fi.com/clinicalanatomyphysio Instragram: clinicalanatomy_physio Like and subscribe for more 🙂 Thanks to www.rehabguru.com for the videos [More]
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