Why You Have Patellar Tendonitis and HOW TO FIX IT // If you’re looking for how to prevent patellar tendonitis or how to cure jumpers knee, in this video I talk about load management with [More]
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This really helped me out when i had knee pain so try it out! Socials: https://beacons.ai/riqb Follow the Tok @riqb IG @im.riqb
💪 Get our Knee Resilience program here: https://e3rehab.com/programs/resilience/knee-resilience/ In this video, I teach you everything you need to know about Quadriceps Tendinopathy, which is also often referred to as tendinitis, tendinosis, and Jumper’s Knee. 💪 [More]
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Strength and Sport Physical Therapy www.strengthandsportpt.com @strengthandsport Dr. Matt Sweeney, DPT Portsmouth, RI Providence, RI Providence, RI
Part 4 of a 4 part video series for hockey players who are suffering from knee pain. This video will help REDUCE KNEE PAIN related to patellofemoral syndrome or what is more communally known as [More]
Complete patellar tendonitis treatment you can do at home! Fix patellar tendon pain with massage, stretches, and the right exercises! Demonstrated by a physical therapist to help your “jumper’s knee” pain feel better fast. Simple [More]
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