🏋️‍♀️ A 15-min. stability training routine that includes coordination work, unilateral strengthening, hip and ankle mobility & stretching in order to build a great foundation for healthy knees. 💭 How To Use: As a separate [More]
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The 10 best exercises for knee pain and knee strengthening exercises. Knee pain can be a common concern for women over 50, impacting mobility and daily activities. Strengthening the muscles around the knee joint is [More]
#physiotherapist #physiotherapyathome #physiotherapy #physiotherapystudent #physiotherapycasestudy #physiotherapistnearme #kneetochestexercises #kneetochest The knee-to-chest exercise is an excellent exercise to stretch your lower back, buttocks, and back thigh muscle and strengthen your core muscles. Stretching these muscles not only makes [More]
Join me for a standing pilates post knee replacement exercise programme. Just 10 minutes a day of this gentle routine will help you build strength, stability and confidence in your new knee as well as [More]
Your potential for athletic longevity is greater than you’ve been told by a system that incorrectly understood knees over toes. Now the knowledge and route are available for all! 🫡 Thank you for your INCREDIBLE [More]
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