If you have Parkinson’s here are three (3) great balance exercises that can help you avoid falls. When practicing balance always be careful and safe by having a stabilizing object such as a counter or [More]
What if you have an exercise regimen for your parkinson’s disease and if you do this consistently you will see improvement, would you do it? In this video, we will be doing an exercise program [More]
A gentle Parkinson’s movement and balance class in the chair and standing for designed to improve your health and function and help manage your symptoms. Join us @ 11:15 AM Pacific Time! Optional Class $ [More]
Case study with Parkinson’s disease related walking impairments. Demonstrates freezing and festinating or Parkinsonian gait upon turning. (Case Study 34) Case studies are strictly for educational purposes. ———————————————————————————— For more information on Mission Gait, visit [More]
To improve walking bones and distance, do this often neglected strategy which is to improve your ability to point your foot and toes up or to dorsiflex. This might even improve your knee pain, improve [More]
Low-Impact Exercises that Improve Mood and Movement Looking for a fun & effective seated workout to help you improve your endurance, increase your energy and manage your Parkinson’s symptoms? This 30-minute workout with Polly Caprio [More]
If you have Parkinson’s, being active is good for you. Nordic walking is a great way to do some gentle full body exercise and meet new friends. Exercise tips for progressing symptoms https://youtu.be/ipifG0D4u_4 Subscribe for [More]
Do you have Parkinson’s disease and or parkinsons like symptoms? And do you have leg tremors and difficulty moving your legs? In this video, we’re going to do exercises to hopefully decrease leg tremors and [More]
This #parkinsonsexercise class begins with an up tempo cardio standing warmup and includes standing dumbbell strength and balance exercises. This class is sure to make your exercise routine more FUN! Standing allows us to work [More]
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