Recent research shows a dramatic increase in injuries and even deaths from falls in older Americans. There are many causes for falls in and around your home. CAMC has some tips to help prevent falls [More]
Most falls are preventable. Start with these six easy steps to help reduce your risk: 1. Find a balance or exercise program 2. Talk to your doctor 3. Review medications 4. Get your vision and [More]
This video segment serves as a short introduction and educational lesson for our MedNet21 webcast on Fall Prevention in Older Adults. The CME webcast can be viewed in its entirety at Enjoy this on-line [More]
Approximately 300,000 people a year experience serious falls in Switzerland. The majority of these accidents occur near-by or in the home. And they are unrelated to any particular activity. Falls are the most common type [More]
Prevent Falls Neuro-Balance Therapy