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Arthritis New Zealand arthritis educator Jane Messer gives a few tips to help keep arthritis hands healthy. It’s important to keep them flexible and warm. For more information, download the printable pdf below or visit [More]
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Making changes to daily activities to reduce stress through arthritic joints
Wrist ulnar deviation and flexion are two movements of the wrist that are often performed together. Ulnar deviation is the movement of the hand towards the ulna bone, which is the larger bone on the [More]
Dr. Rowe shows how to quickly relieve arthritic hand pain at home. Osteoarthritis (or wear and tear arthritis) of the hands and fingers tends to cause pain by creating muscle tightness, joint stiffness, and weakness [More]
An Approach to Osteoarthritis (A Talk) by Dr Prashant Dwivedi on 8 July @ 2030h.
It’s a condition that can have you giving a thumbs-down to activities that require gripping and pinching motions. Thumb arthritis causes pain and swelling in the thumb, and makes it difficult to do simple tasks, [More]
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