Following a groin strain or other groin injury, it is important to strengthen the muscles to avoid re-injury. These exercises can be used throughout the rehabilitation process. For more information on groin strains please visit: [More]
In this video Dr. Abbey Davidson (Osteopath) demonstrates 3 of her favourite groin stretching techniques. The groin refers to the region either side of the pubic bone which joins the pelvis, and the thigh and [More]
This exercise is a yoga based hip flexor and groin stretch. The deep stretch opens the hips and groin, whist stretching into the adductors. The upper body twists targets stretches for functional movement pattern For [More]
TENDINOPATHY ONLINE COURSE: ADDUCTOR TENDINOPATHY WEBINAR: Physical therapy advice for groin pain from adductor tendinopathy. The video featuring Daniel Lawrence UK Physiotherapist and licensed healthcare professional covers some simple tests for the adductor [More]
For more information on hip and groin rehabilitation and exercises visit: And for more information on knee pain visit: Hip, groin and inner thigh – Adductor stretch in standing To stretch the groin [More]
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