How I fast and what I eat at 60 years of age to maintain low body fat levels. In this video, I will go over the perfect healthy meal to eat after breaking an 18-hour [More]
Mini Seated Workout – Mature Movers Fitness Workout for over 60s || Rosaria Barreto Any exercise that results in getting your heart rate up will result in improving your heart health. But sometimes, life gets [More]
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Let’s look at how lost 60 lbs. #fitness #transformation #weightloss
Building muscle after 60, for both females and males – is completely doable. Watch our episode to learn how to build muscle, including how long it takes, what to eat, and which exercises to do. [More]
This is a donation based live virtual U-Jam Fitness workout brought to you by the J. Ramos Works Foundation. To support these classes and our goal to make these workouts accessible to everyone, please send [More]
#60minworkout #trainwithkaykay Hey team #everydawarrior, Here we go: 60 Min Total Body Crusher Workout, with Weights + Bodyweight exercises. Let’s finish the year 2023 as strong as we started it. Are you ready to spend [More]
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Whether you worked out in the past, haven’t worked out at all, or are working out consistently…the question of how often you should workout runs through your head. You may ask that question the older [More]
As a man over 60, you might want to know if you can build muscle…or can you build muscle as fast as when you were younger. It is a simple answer…YES! You can build muscle [More]
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