Orthopedic Surgeon, Khurram Pervaiz, M.D., describes the symptoms of tennis elbow and the surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Dr. Pervaiz practices with the Orthopaedic Associates of Central Maryland specializing in shoulder, elbow and hand surgery [More]
Many people develop “Tennis Elbow” or outer elbow pain and often times when treated early can settle down with a little help. In this video I talk about some simple activities to modify and gentle [More]
💪 Get our Golfer’s Elbow Rehab program here: hhttps://e3rehab.com/programs/rehab/golfers-elbow/ In this video, I discuss golfer’s elbow, dispel the most common myths associated with the diagnosis, and teach you everything you need to know about managing [More]
Today’s video covers home exercises for golfers elbow that are commonly used in physical therapy to treat this issue. Golfers elbow creates pain on the inside of the elbow where the wrist and finger muscles [More]
OriginalStrength.net In this video, Tim demonstrates a way to rock in order to help alleviate elbow tendonitis. Give this a try to soothe achy elbows. Have you checked out Tim’s book, The Becoming Bulletproof Project? [More]
Discover the most innovative workouts on demand (7 day free trial) https://www.mrphysio.net/p/unlimited-access #howtofixelbowpain #golfer’selbowtreatment #golfelbowexercises Relevant links 1. Why is Golfer’s elbow called Golfer’s elbow? (because it occurs to golfers more than others? that’s not [More]
Lateral epicondylitis, known as tennis elbow, is pain on the outside of the elbow. This condition occurs when repetitive motions cause damage to a tendon attached to the bone. Rashard Dacus, MD, explains tennis elbow [More]
Physiotherapy video – Tennis elbow exercises
In this video, Maryke explains why you develop triceps tendonitis or tendinopathy, what it feels like, and also how to get it better. 🌟Need more help with your injury? You’re welcome to consult one of [More]
💪 Get our Golfer’s Elbow Rehab program here: https://e3rehab.com/programs/rehab/golfers-elbow/ Those with golfer’s elbow typically experience pain along the inside part of the elbow, near the medial epicondyle of the humerus, with gripping, twisting, lifting, and [More]
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