This is level 3 of core exercises on the floor. We’ll go through 5 exercises for a total of 9 minutes of work. These basic core exercises are great for seniors & beginners who want [More]
Full-length beginner workout videos at and the “Justin Agustin Fitness app available on in the Apple Store, Google Play, Roku, FireTV, Android TV and more! Exercise from the comfort of your own home with [More]
This video focuses on one core exercise: how to plank properly for beginners and seniors. A strong core is important to protect your spine, enable you to do any movement easily, and maintain good posture. [More]
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TOP 4 LOW BACK / CORE STRENGTH EXERCISES – LEVEL 3 – Advanced | Dr. Rob Murray – Chiropractor in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. If you are looking for advanced functional exercises to continue to strengthen [More]
Welcome to the latest episode of HT Physio Quick Tips! In this episode, Farnham’s leading over-50’s physiotherapist, Will Harlow, reveals 7 of the best core strength exercises for people over the age of fifty! To [More]
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A simple exercise to help with core strength and posture -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “The 3 Best Balance Exercises For Seniors” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Dr. Rowe shows straightforward exercises focused on improving strength and stability in the core muscles. These exercises are designed for seniors, so we’ll keep it simple with no awkward or complex movements. They’re prefect to [More]
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