This chair yoga routine is designed for people with spondyloarthritis, including ankylosing spondylitis AS, who are able to sit in a chair and do some standing poses using a chair for support. SUBSCRIBE to the [More]
Simple Chair Yoga Exercises for Senior Citizens.
Chair yoga stretch for tension relief. This 10 minute chair yoga routine can be done at your desk, while siting on the couch or even traveling! Chair yoga is great for anyone who sits long [More]
Welcome Back to the Summer Strength Series! Try Yoga for Kids and Teens as a Movement Break, a Brain Break, or as a way to relax. Yoga is a great way to work multiple muscle [More]
Chair Yoga 28 Day Series – Seated. Today, we’re starting a chair yoga journey together. During the next 28 days, we are going to experience our chair yoga practice – as a community – together! [More]
Enjoy this accessible and effective 10 minute routine to strengthen your core. Including gentle twists and ab exercises designed to help tighten and tone your belly muscles without neck, back or knee pain that so [More]
🎥 Seniors 💖Chair Yoga Book Part 1 by Erin Madron 💖28 Day challenge chart Level: Beginner/Intermediate STEPS TO START THE CHALLENGE: 1. Go to my main page & hit SUBSCRIBE 🔔 @ErinMadron 2. Scroll down [More]
In Chair Yoga for Joint Health we focus on warming and opening the major joints of the body. This is a Standing to Seated class and is great for transitioning from the fully seated classes [More]
In this video we demonstrate 10 exercise, which are easy to perform sit on the chair. Those who are not able to do standing exercise or who are sitting long time on a chair for [More]
Restorative poses are focused on rest and relaxation. Most stretching classes that use restorative use it toward the end of the course. It can help relax participants after a tough class. #mentalhealth #stressrelif #meditation #depression [More]
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