Advanced Chair Aerobics Workout is a advance high energy high intensity seated power exercise workout for people with limited mobility who need to sit exercise and get fit. This a fast pace workout featuring safe, [More]
This is stretching routine that you can easily follow while sitting on a chair! It’s especially beneficial for office workers and students. You can relieve back pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain caused by long [More]
Do you experience discomfort or stiffness in your hips; limiting your mobility and daily activities? Fitness instructor Angela Fischetti will lead a hip mobility chair workout. Helping you alleviate tension, and unlock your body’s potential for greater flexibility and well being. Click Show [More]
Here’s the first exercise from my 15 minute Pilates Toned Legs and Booty workout using the chair as your piece of workout equipment. This works for all ages and gets harder as you prgress theorught [More]
This is a chair workout you can do for 10 days and only will take 10 mins of your time. If you have back problems this ab chair workout is for you! This chair workout [More]
Thank you, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, for sponsoring this class with your generous grant. Equipment needed: resistance band or nothing Karly works your whole body with a combination of resisted strength exercises and cardio. Remember to [More]
This 10 Minute Seated Ab Workout is no joke! It’s a fast workout that will destroy your excuses, not to workout. YOU can now train your abs while seated and you don’t have to complain [More]
7 day beginner chair workout designed for seniors or beginners who want or need to exercise in a chair. The 7 day program combines cardio, strength training, and stretching to give a full body workout. [More]
The American Heart Association Recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week. This may seem like a difficult goal to reach, but it doesn’t have to be all gym and fitness classes. Ochsner Digital Medicine Professional [More]
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