There is a close association between peripheral longitudinal tears and ACL tears. Specifically, 90% of MM and 83% of LM peripheral longitudinal tears have an associated ACL tear Meniscal tears • Associated with 41% to [More]
First you hear the pop, then comes the pain. An ACL tear is one of the most common knee injuries in sports and can happen due to trauma or twisting motions. This type of injury [More]
Welcome back to the Sunit PhysioTherapist channel, and today I’ll show some simple ACL injury prevention exercises for athletes. An anterior cruciate ligament injury is the over-stretching or tearing of the ACL in the knee. [More]
Bryan Vopat, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at The University of Kansas Health System, discusses the psychological aspects of recovery from anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. Dr. Vopat says [More]
The Bridge to ACL Restoration. ACL Tear Location and the BEAR Implant: Size Doesn’t Matter In this video, Dr. McMillan and Dr. Anthony walk us discuss the MRI reliability in the prediction of ACL tear [More]
This animation explains common causes of a torn ACL and ACL reconstruction surgery. For more information on ACL injuries and rehab go to:
Dr. Wolcott discusses the symptoms to look for such as feeling a “pop” in your knee and pain and swelling, plus the various treatment options for an ACL tear. Learn more about UCHealth Sports Medicine [More]
: This story is all too common on the soccer field and basketball court. A high school athlete jumps to get the ball, lands and blows out a knee. And most of that time those [More]
Though the BEAR Implant was evaluated in clinical trials using the surgical technique developed at Boston Children’s Hospital, the approval by the FDA does not require that specific procedure be used in clinical practice. What [More]
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