How To Fix Achilles Tendonitis FAST! // If you’re looking for how to fix Achilles tendonitis at home or how to prevent Achilles tendonitis, in this video I talk about Achilles tendonitis strengthening exercises and [More]
I’ve made a video before on Achilles Tendinitis. This time lets talk about Insertional Achilles Tendinitis. The location of the pain is different, at the back of the heel bone where the achilles tendon inserts [More]
LIVE Total Fitness Bodybuilding Q and A with Muscle Building, Fitness, and Fat Loss Coach Lee Hayward. If you’d like some help with building muscle, losing your gut, and getting back in shape… Then tune [More]
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Runners, fix your feet, that is if you want to run faster and pain free. The research does show both that strong feet are fast feet and that strong feet get less injured. Today I [More]
Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:36 What is achilles tendinopathy? 1:01 Insertional vs midportion tendinopathy 1:26 What causes achilles tendinopathy? 1:42 Acute vs chronic tendinopathy and why this is important 3:10 Early phase exercises to do 4:13 [More]
Gentle exercises for Achilles pain are better than just resting your tendon. Sports physio Maryke Louw demonstrates three easy exercises for Achilles pain to get you going early in your rehab. She also explains why [More]
Midportion achilles tendinopathy is characterised by progressive pain and decreased function of the Achilles tendon. A popular exercise protocol focuses on progressive heavy-load eccentric strengthening exercises, based on Alfredson’s protocol classic heel-drop exercise programme. It [More]
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