Ochsner Foot and Ankle Specialist, Dr. Sara Galli shares the best way to heal, or reduce pain in Achilles Tendinitis. To find out more information, schedule a visit with Dr. Sara Galli at https://www.ochsner.org/doctors/sara-galli
Dr. Khosroabadi describes how an Achilles tendon gets lengthened, & the process of how to repair one, This is an animation video that we have created to explain in detail how this diagnosis gets repaired. [More]
The Thompson’s test (calf squeeze test or the gastrocnemius-soleus test) is a technique used to help determine if an individual has a ruptured Achilles tendon. To perform the test, your doctor will have you lie [More]
Week 4: 00:00-2:28 Week 5: 2:29- 7:14 Week 6: 7:25-10:50 This is me continuing to document my experience with a full tear of my achilles tendon. Weeks 4-6 was geared towards adjusting to wearing the [More]
In this video, Dr. Stewart of the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center repairs a ruptured achilles tendon using bone anchors, FiberWire, and the banana lasso instrument by Arthrex.
The best home exercises to heal Achilles tendonitis at home! Achilles tendonitis treatment exercises at home including Achilles massage, stretching, and strengthening exercises. Physical therapist demonstrates how you can treat heel pain at home to [More]
This taping technique can be used in Achilles tendon injuries such as partial tears to hold the tendon in a shortened position to allow healing to take place. For more information on Achilles tendon injuries, [More]
Dr. Jonathan Zalamea, primary care sports medicine specialist with Houston Methodist, shares the differences between Achilles tendonitis and an Achilles tear – and how to prevent a tear.
Some yoga techniques can help lengthen and stretch your Achilles tendon, which helps to connect the calf muscles to the heel bone. Relieve the tension in your Achilles tendon with guidance from a yoga instructor [More]
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