Knee Pain on the Outer side? Fixed Immediately

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(The Conquer knee pain routine is currently getting an update but will be back very soon)

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@TinaWavelet says:

@7:15 the fog coming is epic

@ddoherty5956 says:

Ive not slept for 2 days, not been able to drive either supposed go round the peak district tomorrow. Hopefully this will get me out of trouble with the wife!

@curseofsasuke says:

Too many people are going to doctors for these problems. Go to a physical therapist please.

@user-hz2hp7yn4d says:

This is awesome, thankyou to both of you for sharing this information.❤

The hiking community is so kind and generous 🙂

@el.h7345 says:

This is exactly the issue I had. So after doing as advised in the video, the issue has been resolved and if it flares up again, I know exactly what the cause is and how to fix it. Brilliant info here, thank you!!

@dbricker123 says:

good tips. No need to lay on your side for the hip adbuctors; my physio showed me it is much more efficient to do it standing with an exercise band (around your ankles), with two hiking or cross-country ski poles for balance. 20x each leg, x3. You should feel a pleasant burn if you are doing it correctly (with enough tension in the exercise band).

@Wozniakbry says:

About a year and a half ago I was finishing a big hike and started getting this exact pain in one knee. It took about a week to subside but flared up again nearly immediate when I ran next. Basically nothing in normal living caused issues. Even exercises. But I just finished another big hike and it hit hard again on the last couple miles downhill.

I don’t want to live with this being a constant issue. I revisited this video and did the stretching and hip adduction and THAT NIGHT I felt immense relief. And as I keep doing those it keeps getting better.
I also notice the ankle on the affected leg doesn’t keep popping like usual.
Dealing with that tension is helping in more ways that I could guess!

Thanks Chase 🤙🏽

@kellybeaman480 says:

Trimalleolar fracture in my ankle a few years ago. Love hiking. Live in Colorado. Gait can be off. But these stretches helped so much. Thought i was gonna need knee surgery. Taking pain meds/ anti inflammatories and woke up still in pain hobbling. Keeping my knee more and more bent locked up my muscles more and more. These stretches in one day did more than any pain meds i took over weeks. Thank you!🎉❤

@timvandennoort5441 says:

Thank you so much for this!

@forsupernovae2401 says:

what about inner knee pain

@muhamadherisupriyadi4014 says:

Bagi muslim ada dalam salah satu gerakan sholat yaitu rukuk ,bila dilakukan dengan benar rukuk nya maka sakit punggung,lutut dah hamstring dapat diatasi..

@Dmidnightmachine says:

Bro, I live here in the States and the white mountains of NH are absolutely brutal (and some of the best hiking ever). You have saved my knees and have helped me more than anyone! Thank you!

@wohlhabendermanager says:

I actually do have knee pain in both knees, due to my knee caps being slightly misaligned. Doctor told me to cycle in lower gear, exercise regularly (running and hiking are actually pretty good) and he was optimistic that I can overcome this without pain killers and without needing to get an operation, so there's that.
I still got a prescription for knee bandages that actually do help a lot when my knees starting to act up again, and I am happy to say that it's been 3 years since I went to the doctor and it hasn't gotten as bad as it sometimes was before getting checked (sometimes I would have pain for weeks on end, making it impossible to even climb stairs without having to drag myself up). But wearing knee braces on longer hikes can lead to bruises and blisters as I've learned the hard way. I now learned to read the terrain a lot better though, only wearing the braces when I feel my knees starting to hurt a little bit and there's a steep climb or steep decent. Plus, I am using hiking poles which also help to get my weight off my knees.

But I will definitely try out some of the tips you mentioned in this video. The course is gone, unfortunatly, so I can't try that one out. 🙁

@jeffML3926 says:

Hi @ChaseMountains this is a most impressive recovery video… Really getting into your content lately, as I plan to do some hiking in the Rockies early this fall.
Is the free knee pain routine still available somehow? (Doesn't look accessible when I click the link 🫤)

@DefeatingDeception5ru9g says:

How to tell the difference between what is just ITB and what is real knee arthritis?

@aknudsen93 says:

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and am 57. I have a lot of knee pain andieven walking will cause knee pain the next day. I watch your videos and like the stretching you do. I don't want to give up everything I love to do, which is mostly being physically active. I have a dr. appt in a couple of weeks but I might start some of thee stretching and also work on strengthening the muscles around my knees. Thank you for posting and I'm so glad this man competed his Camino, unless it was a different hike, I'm glad he was able to finish!

@yairroif5045 says:

Last year I trekked carros de foc with my gf. First alpine trek for her. Very bad mistake. The first day from joseph m blanc to pla de la font and the 700m decent already took a toll on her knees, we could hardly do 3 more days with a rest day. Lately we started making 15k~ walks to prepare for Norway trek and the pain got back. Luckily I stumbled upon your video and it seem to help her although when she does the hamstring stretch her knees hurt 5-6ish out of 10. Shes doing the routine for 4 days. Do you think it'll go away? We might go to a PT if this will persist.

@PaulaPobel-df3mk says:

Thank you so much for this video! Similar knee pain keeps me from walking long distance hiking. I started your daily routine in order to prepare for the upcoming trail and look into all these exerciyses. I really hope this will help me solve my problem. It is definetly awesome advice to finally start dealing with it

@sullamander says:

I found that rolling the IT band helped immensely for my knee pain, using a trekking pole is a brilliant idea for the trail! Thank you so much for sharing!

@PaleoDevan says:

Way to go! What a difference you made with a fellow hiker. Thanks for sharing the great story!

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