Best Seated Core Routine For Seniors To Tighten Belly

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Brad and his wife, Julie, demonstrate the best seated core routine for seniors to tighten your belly.
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@BobandBrad says:

For more core exercises check out our video "The Best 3 Core Exercises To Do Daily For Seniors"-

@TRJE114 says:

Welcome back, Julie!

@juliahelland6488 says:

Thanks for sharing this! 💯❣️

@nhmisnomer says:

That was great – thanks! 😊

@kaymuldoon3575 says:

I’m the same age as Julie, but I don’t look as great as she does. I’m currently losing weight by doing low carb and intermittent fasting (I did this several years ago and was very successful). But I need to add exercise to my routine and need to strengthen my core. My lower back starts to hurt after I’ve been on my feet for a while because of excess abdominal weight and weak muscles. So I’m hoping these exercises help. Thanks so much for sharing this!

@jillannrutherford9623 says:

Love this. My belly is in the way but I can still feel it working!❤

@elephantintheroom5678 says:

Wow. These are amazing. They really tighten the ab muscles.

@mariamasegun4058 says:

How is Bob doing?

@danicegewiss862 says:

Your wife looks great for 62.

@tconcotelli says:

Yikes…I have motion sickness with all the zooming in and out 🤢

@annrae1597 says:

Will these get rid of rolls of fat or only make your muscles good underneath the fat?When i was in my sixties i had a flat stomach too but when i got to my seventies, my stomach got fat all of a sudden..i thought it was mostly hormones giving up.

@KCCAT5 says:

Oh good I really need to get rid of my fupa I hope this works

@Evergreen945 says:

Brad julie is in good shape doing excercise nice figure n very fit for her age

@Evergreen945 says:

Brad is this excercise suitable for osteoporosis?

@user-dp8vv9mz7d says:

Amazing!! Thank you!! 😉

@reginamay2767 says:

Probably she works out all the time. Many of us cannot.

@nelled6240 says:

Thank you. This is really helpful.

@ociana says:

Thank you!!

@christinelitvak6427 says:

I was surprised to find that I can't get both feet off the ground when I am seated. I can do one foot but two feet at a time is not possible for me, so I will work at that.

@jeannawelton6874 says:

Totally nice

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