4 Home Exercises for Golfers Elbow

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Today’s video covers home exercises for golfers elbow that are commonly used in physical therapy to treat this issue. Golfers elbow creates pain on the inside of the elbow where the wrist and finger muscles attach on the medial epicondyle. The condition is usually diagnosed as medial epicondylitis or epicondylalgia.

Pain in this region is typically associated with activities that require repetitive use of the fingers and wrist (climbing, gripping, golf, etc). Because golfers elbow is due to an irritation of tendons, it responds well to a resistance training program that progressively increases the strength of the tendons.

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@RehabScience says:

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@midnightblue1874 says:

I got burning sensation like pain in inner elbow by doing pull ups, stopped with exercise for about 6 months, pain gradualy disapeared. I tried again with being more caution ,but after few days pain came back in all its glory. I really like push ups, they are huge in my casual exercise rutine but with this problem i don't believe i can continue, which is bummer.

@lhasaapsos7951 says:

Thank you. Do we do these exercises once a day or more ?

@vreskas says:

Great video, eager to try. Should I be stretching afterwards? Or will the stretch make me too loose?

@myla6135 says:

I had a fall recently and managed to get an avulsion fracture to the humeral head (supraspinatus tendon) but no displacement. I hurt the whole of my arm going down.
Weeks later I continue to have biceps and triceps pains but also pain like tennis elbow and golfers elbow but no pain in either epicondyle. Is that even possible? Have I damaged muscle bellies but my hyperbolic ligaments stopped the tendons from the worst?
Should I do both the isometrics for golfers and tennis elbow?
Feel pretty miserable as the local physios seem not to pay attention to these and just focus on the fracture ……… and even then give me exercises that aggravate the proximal biceps tendon.
The only thing that vaguely helps is wearing a tubi grip from deltoids to wrist!

@FreshwaterFloof says:

By far the best PT on YouTube

@antonelladecosta2641 says:

I have had an elbow bursitis 2 months ago.. i would like to know which excersises I could do to strengthen my elbow

@bahoonies says:

@RehabScience I've heard that with golfers elbow you have to use the tendon to make it heal. Can I still do the activity that caused it in addition to the rehab exercises?

@vtecaccord96 says:

Absolutely the best way to spend a Friday night! This was an amazing video and even enjoyed it being 1hr+ long!

@mohammedkashif3489 says:

Great help for PT students like me

@miriammorenorendon7752 says:

Que precio tiene

@miriammorenorendon7752 says:

Libro en español

@daliafovini4952 says:

I bought your book, it's amazing ❤❤❤

@d.a1355 says:

is the book going to be translated in Turkish?


sir mere Cubitus valgus hai


Help me sir please

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