15-Minute Standing Abs & Booty Workout For Women over 50 | Low Impact, No Equipment

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15 Minute ABS & BOOTY HIIT | All Standing No Equipment suitable for beginners and women over 50. We have specific exercises for the legs, glutes, abs, thighs and calves. Reduce belly fat and tone your leg with this at home workout is all standing and safe exercise for seniors and beginners. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can offer numerous benefits for women over 50, particularly when focusing on the abs, legs, glutes, calves, and full body. Here are some of the advantages:

Weight Loss and Reduced Belly Fat: High-intensity workouts can help reduce visceral fat more effectively than low-intensity exercises, targeting the abdominal area which is a common concern for women over 50.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health: HIIT workouts can significantly improve heart health, which is crucial as women age and the risk of heart diseases increases.

Increased Metabolic Rate: HIIT can elevate the metabolic rate for hours after exercise, leading to more calories being burned throughout the day, which can help in weight management.

Muscle Maintenance and Growth: As muscle mass tends to decrease with age, HIIT workouts that target multiple muscle groups can help maintain and even build muscle strength and endurance.

Improved Bone Density: The resistance elements of HIIT can help in combating the loss of bone density which is common in post-menopausal women.

Enhanced Flexibility and Balance: Incorporating a variety of movements in HIIT can improve flexibility and balance, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

Mental Health Benefits: HIIT can release endorphins, reducing the risk of depression and improving mood, which is especially beneficial for post-menopausal women who may experience mood swings or depression.

Blood Sugar Control: HIIT has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity which can help in managing blood sugar levels, a concern for many women over 50.

Convenience and Efficiency: HIIT workouts can be done quickly and do not necessarily require equipment, making them convenient for those with busy schedules.

Hormonal Balance: Exercise can help in balancing hormones, which is particularly beneficial during the menopause transition.

Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new workout regimen, especially for individuals with pre-existing health conditions or those who are new to exercise.

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@janebishop998 says:

The last one was great. Held it and yet to do that against a wall 15 seconds at most. No. You are amazing!

@evalillocastilla8341 says:

Thanks a lot 🙏

@user-uc6xd8qm8o says:

Great leg workout! Yes, legs are burning!

@JacquelineALehe says:

Loved this work!

@diannarangiuaia9025 says:

Im loving your weight workout my body is certainly shaping up ❤

@mandydaniels4551 says:

Good workout, sweating. I'm 60 and love these exercises 🥰

@MorningDove says:

I can go forever with these !!! 💙 Thanks

@karentauber5665 says:

Hi Schellea: it is Karen in Tucson. Love this segment. I feel years younger with a toned body. It’s thanks to you. You are the best.

@jeepersandrandy says:

Loved this one and my legs are burning and on fire 🔥🔥🔥 I followed with your 17 Min How I Keep My Arms In Shape at 57, 5 Min Fat Burning Walk (Cardio), 10 Min Seated Arm WO with Dumbbells, 10 Min HIIT to Burn Belly Fat Boxing WO and 5 Min Cool Down-over 1 hour full body working out with you today, Schellea! Thanks so very much!

@claudiav2024 says:

Done it again😅 this one is really good, added this one to a weight workout. Great combination❤

@abichsel5264 says:

Loved this workout!

@2008kajika says:

From the Netherlands, yeah this a great 30 min. workout, I like it special the balance is good for everybody.❤❤❤

@kellygrace1617 says:

I LOVE these workouts!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making low impact workouts that I can do. I teach seniors exercise and these workouts need no equipment. That is perfect! Much love to you. 🥰 Most of my seniors are at or below the poverty line, so this is amazing.

@corderodamarisj says:

love it and feel it!!!

@special8339 says:

1 of the best 15 minutes workout 💪 ‼️💃🏃 thanks Schelle

@kathlenewang539 says:


@sarahhennigan6808 says:

That was wonderful! 👍🤩

Anonymous says:

All on fire 10

@yvonnetilstone7938 says:

Okay my legs are on fire. Was challenging but I completed it.. I really like seeing seconds counting away it keeps me going x

@kenmartens4662 says:

I’m looking forward to trying this workout! Legs and butt are my focus

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