Tufting an M&M Rug

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@SIMJI says:

Love you all!!💖I will be uploading a long form video soon🔥: youtube.com/c/SIMJI

@Casp287 says:

Can you make a rug to h&m pls🩷???

@user-mx4ci9cs4j says:

يلي يحب فلسطين

@balqisbtabdullahbalqis9665 says:

Where's the m

@user-jr8bg8uv1w says:


@user-jr8bg8uv1w says:


@andersonsoledade7335 says:


@AltanzulSasha-od9gm says:

video: skittles
song: masha and the bear

@Symbat-qq6jo says:


@Symbat-qq6jo says:


@VIDEOSCAroma says:

Can you male Stitch rug💙💙💙

@shardahancock7087 says:

Make a smiling critters rug

@marieswari5958 says:

Try the red in gems please please please please please

@nellypotop5194 says:

Name music?

@solongosandagdorj9172 says:

can u do minie mouse pls❤

@MargieEdano says:


@user-ol8gl1ix2h says:

kᥲk ᑲіkіᥒ kᥲr⍴ᥱ𝗍 ᥡᥲᥒg ᑲᥱsᥲr gᥲmᑲᥲr ᥴᥲһіᥒᥲ m᥆r᥆ᥣ

@sirose_ozi says:

この音楽 … 朝の授業が始まる前に流れてたやつだ …

@GamalAyash says:

Left is the rug

@NirmalaNirmala-qq9xv says:

I subscribed to you ❤❤

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