Falls Prevention Awareness Week shows Harlem seniors how to stay safe

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Getting injured in a fall is a common problem among older people. With Falls Prevention Awareness Week coming up, CBS2’s Jessi Mitchell shows us how Harlem seniors are trying to stay safe.


@dumbasscunt441 says:

And when is sprained ankle and foot awareness week

@lavernewoodward6603 says:

Young people fall too

@melindahernandez8778 says:

My dad took a fall during the night at home in his bedroom. He suffered a subdural hemotoma. He was admitted to MOUNT SINAI WEST. Thankfully the bleeding stopped and he didn't need surgery. However, during his stay they found that he had problems with his heart. Atrial Fibrillation and a Leaky Heart Valve. Both life threatening conditions. Today they sent him home WITHOUT 24HR HOME AIDES, Just the aides he had already in place for the day time. I was against this, my siblings accepted that the hospital could not keep him there until 24hr aides were in place. Hospice care at refused to take the case until 24hr aides were in place. Which means that my father will be cared for during the night by my siblings who ARE NOT TRAINED TO CARE FOR PATIENTS! I AM FURIOUS!

@audraeden8923 says:

Where’s the tech?? It should be impossible to fall. Wear a belt which detects when center of balance is reaching limit.

@thelotto1262 says:

Instead they should be armed with 9mm hand guns so they can take out the little lokos who have been harassing them causing them to fall in the first place.

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