Reduce hand arthritis pain- 3 exercises

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Reduce hand pain πŸ‘πŸΌ

The two main goals with hand osteoarthritis is to maintain and improve both mobility and strength βœ…

To do this, moving your fingers and challenging your range of motion can really be helpful.

Here are 3️⃣ different movements that can be helpful if you are dealing with hand pain and/or stiffness βœ‹πŸ½

The important thing is to make sure they feel GOOD and don’t increase pain significantly ☝🏽

It is possible to find relief and to make activities that involve your hands easier- especially when it comes to gripping objects βœ…

The repetitions are purely suggestions and it’s important you do what’s best for your hands, as everyone is different.

These exercises can be helpful in the morning to relieve morning stiffness or during the day πŸ‘πŸ½

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Not medical advice. Try at your own risk.


@tuc1113 says:

Doing the tabletop one i noticed my fingers were curved/bent. It took a bitbof conscious effort to then straighten them, akind to shooting my fingers forward. Gotta work on this.

@pamelacharbonneau3115 says:

Thank you very much.

@mgbge8774 says:

Great explanation for my arthritic hands. Thanks for your expertise and knowledge.

@kathastu23 says:

Any remedy for deformity?

@user-hu9du3ey3x says:

Thank you for your video

@AugustRush2023 says:

Ty for this excercise

@rosec4019 says:

I will do this everyday, thank you.


many thanks

@user-jd6vu7zn8u says:

Interesting! I'll try it!

@user-cz1fo8xt1o says:

Thank you so much for this advice 😊

@aminazubair4575 says:

Plz do share some targeted exercise to reduce fingers fat from hands

@IMChrysalis says:

The first one hurts like crazy, the other two are pretty easy…

@NomaAman-hc2ow says:


@mandyhoover3166 says:

How often during the day and how many reps?

@jayanthiponraj8373 says:

Thank you ❀

@amparodurante2344 says:

Nice exercise

@siddubabu802 says:

Thank you mom

@leonorasabino5859 says:

Thank you❀❀❀

@MrAlan0151 says:

great help and beautiful

@oliviacortez7747 says:

God Bless you, and thank you

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